“Where your fear is, there is your task”
Carl Jung

How I work

Research shows the relationship is essential in determining a successful experience of therapy and this is what I strive for. I do this by providing a safe, confidential space, with care, encouraging a trusting environment necessary for a healthy and effective therapeutic relationship to develop. 

I offer both counselling and psychotherapy. Counselling can be characterized as someone seeking support with something specifically in the present, such as relationship issues, work life, life changes etc and is typically shorter term work.

Psychotherapy is longer term, the focus of therapy may change over time and become a process of self-discovery, offering more depth, insight and understanding.

Conscious and Unconscious process

I work at psychotherapeutic depth and with the unconscious. This is necessary in understanding what feeds painful psychological symptoms or limiting patterns of behaviour. If we move forward without awareness of our psychological blueprint that has formed over time we may fall short of what you want to achieve. We are all influenced deeply by the past so understanding how this is stored in our mind and body is vital in order to move forward consciously.

I am interested in how your past impacts your present. By encouraging you to understand these dynamics and become more present in the here-and-now we can start to utilise the potential you already hold within yourself and build towards change.

Whilst providing tools for symptomatic relief, I want to work with you to better understand the roots of your issues to help you change and grow around trauma and anxiety so that it doesn’t take as much of the centre stage of your consciousness. 

I work to encourage you to bear witness any limiting beliefs about yourself that you carry. Some of these beliefs may be held consciously or unconsciously and form part of an ongoing and inner dialogue that has become self-destructive. Countering this and central to my approach, I encourage an internally allied sense of self with a consciousness aligned with your best interests at heart. 

Working together

Working collaboratively, we will motivate you to develop insight and awareness to notice blind spots, discomfort or pain. We will also build an awareness to feelings and how you relate to yourself and others and how this informs your life. Ultimately, it is a process to better understand yourself where you can move forward more empowered and with more self-awareness.

We all have unique circumstances. Whether you experience trauma, anxiety, depression, or any coping mechanisms to help live life, these generic terms are felt in your own way. Through my experience with clients and by working integratively, I combine different methods of psychology to assist us in understanding your unique experience.

There really is no one-size fits all approach to therapy and what you won’t experience is a tick-box exercise or therapeutic template. What you will experience from me is commitment and dedication. In turn, I request that you are playing an integral role in your own therapy and being an active participant which will allow you the understanding and tools to take away and build into your life.

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