“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
Carl Jung

Integrative counselling and psychotherapy 

We all have an individual way of experiencing the world and how we relate to it. Trauma, anxiety and depression are general terms which share common states of experience, yet who we are and how we experience them is unique to each one of us.  

I work integratively, meaning I combine different theories and methods of psychology. This enables a broad understanding of different approaches of psychology to help understand and identify contrasting personalities and different presenting issues. 

My specialism is in Transactional Analysis and incorporated into the training are humanistic and psychoanalytic/psychodynamic concepts along with neuroscience and Bowlby’s Attachment Theory. I am also interested and incorporate from a holistic approach, mindfulness, the mind-body connection along with Jungian analysis. 

Transactional Analysis 

Transactional analysis is a theory of psychology used to identify our place in the world and how we feel within it. It offers tools to understand human behaviour and to understand ourselves and why we live the way we do. 

The purpose of Transactional Analysis is to define awareness within the individual and their stance on intimacy with others. Autonomy is the focus of treatment and when we have achieved this we have the power to make new decisions that are unlike the choices we were making before. 

Its roots are founded in psychoanalytic concepts and establishes an individual’s social interactions by analysing three ego states of Parent (behaviour copied from others), Adult (here-and-now) and Child (feelings and beliefs from past experiences).

TA concepts are very useful breaking down the psyche into a structure, understand unconscious processes and how they influences the here-and-now (Adult ego state). 

Transactional Analysis London EC1

It can also be used similar to CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) where we can raise awareness to our thoughts, behaviours, and feelings and develop new ways of understanding and perceiving experiences.

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